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Effortlessly communicate your corporate identity.

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Brand Identity Guidelines




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These features make PicarioXPO an invaluable solution for a large variety of businesses and organizations.

Brand New Features

We are constantly improving PicarioXPO with new features. Here are some of our latest releases.

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Media Management

Collaboration is integral to the success of a project. With PicarioXPO, new media creation is made all the more efficient as you can now easily collaborate and communicate with both internal departments and external stakeholders such as agencies. Stressful review and approval rounds are now a thing of the past.

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Product Information Management

Have better control of who has access to your asset bank with the PicarioXPO user information system. Grant upload rights to anyone wishing to upload assets, have them drop the files into a Drag and Drop Box through the upload page, and view which files are added to the asset bank yourself.

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Offline Tablet Application

The best and easiest way to show digital image material. Using our PicarioXPO application, simply show your customer your images and visualizations, anywhere and anytime. We created the app to even functionate offline when you have no internet connection.


Easily Create New Product Images

Create new digital assets out of stored images ,online in real-time. Add logos and text, change colors, add patterns and designs to your product images.

It is possible to easily download these new created images in high resolution and use them on your website. Save on photography costs and make your product visible in any variation.

Under the hood.

We are proud of how PicarioXPO looks on the outside, but we’ve also made sure it runs like clockwork on the inside.


Our storage solution and content delivery network are run on Microsoft Azure services, the world’s leading storage solution. It’s safe, secure and lightning fast.



Everything stored in PicarioXPO will be securely backed up several times over for added security. We have a 99.9% guaranteed uptime and an entire team standing by to make sure that we live up to our SLA promises.


PicarioXPO can and will integrate with your AD, ERP, CMS, CRM or legacy systems. We have all-powerful APIs and connectors that will make syncing with your system easy and straightforward.


We use only the best of what modern browser technology is capable of, including modern frameworks and HTML5. As a result, PicarioXPO works brilliantly on all devices.

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